Imagine the benefits of:

✶ learning where you are most secure and comfortable
✶ receiving the undivided attention of a passionate professional
✶ developing areas of weakness while nurturing those of strength.


If you find this appealing, then homeschooling may be the choice for your child.

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Our private child-carers adhere to COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS like avoiding group gatherings, wearing masks, sanitizing at work, while maintaining educational and lifestyle standards in the private confines of your home. 

Schooling in the comfort of your own home

While historically this approach mainly appealed to parents not satisfied with mainstream education, COVID19 has introduced a new variable into the equation. The rise of this pandemic has left ordinary parents with difficult decisions about how best to keep their families safe while upholding the education of their children. It is unquestionable the advantages that homeschooling holds over conventional schools with regard to reducing the risk of infection. With the expertise of the right teacher(s), you can ensure your child thrives academically while reducing the exposure rate to potential carriers.

Top Tutor’s is an industry specialist in placing teachers with families subscribed to a homeschooling curriculum. Whether IEB, Cambridge or other, we provide a tailored service placing the perfect individual to educate your child; servicing Grade R to matric.

We understand the defining role a teacher can play for a child, so trust us to find the right person for you and enjoy every benefit.

Top Tutors & Homeschooling About

Top Tutors carries out the recruitment function as an industry expert responsible for managing candidate sourcing, screening, and vetting, interviews, negotiations, and contracts. While Top Tutors can advise families regarding the process and home-school programs, we do not provide the learning material required or student registration. The curriculum needs to be obtained for the student independently, while we provide the teacher to match. The family undertakes to employ the teacher at the completion of the process. Please refer to Homeschooling T&C’s.

Note that homeschooling is fundamentally different from tutoring. In the case of tutoring, the family does not employ the tutor, but rather pays an hourly rate for the services offered (usually in the form of a package). The fees for homeschooling include a placement fee (calculated as a percentage of the teacher’s annual salary) once the family has selected to employ a teacher sourced by Top Tutors. Thereafter, the family pays the teacher a monthly salary.

Success Stories


My son was taken out of St Peters due to financial reasons. He was at home for over a month and then I decided to enroll him in Brain line Online Home schooling. He had fallen very behind and was really struggling. I contacted Top Tutors and they organised a tutor to came in everyday for 2 months to home school him. My son passed with flying colors thanks to Top Tutors. The tutor took Munya and in a short space of time managed to get him to achieve outstanding results. He couldn’t do it on his own. Thank you so much. I hope other people can benefit from you like we did.

– Patience

Whether you wish to employ a one-on-one teacher for your child or for a group, Tup Tutors prides itself on its superior customer service and going the extra mile to service your needs. 

So select Top Tutors to lead your child to success with a homeschool teacher today.

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