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Top Tutors is a private education services company that specializes in effective, individualized tuition in the form of tutoring, both in-home and online, and home-schooling.
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Our private child-carers adhere to COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS like avoiding group gatherings, wearing masks, sanitizing at work, while maintaining educational and lifestyle standards in the private confines of your home. 

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Our tutors cover a wide range of subjects

while our home-school teachers subscribe to an accredited curriculum.

Top Tutors is a South African based education service provider operating throughout the greater Johannesburg area, Cape Town and Durban. We offer personalized, quality and professional tutoring, home-schooling and educational support services to all school learners and tertiary students in all subjects, including homework supervision and assistance. 

Top Tutor’s approach is to facilitate the understanding of content with innovative tutoring methods. Our educators are encouraged to provide each of our students with the skillset to help them understand their work, as we believe the most effective approach to education is understanding. We provide a strong foundation that is required in order to excel in the long run. With Top Tutors, learning is fun!

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Qualified teachers providing education with extra care in the comfort of your home. 


Private Tutoring

Our tutors serve the individual clients needs and will have the tutorial at your chosen venue.

Online Tutoring

Tuition is available online via your preferred video calling platform.


All education is one-on-one or in small groups. It is catered to ensure your child receives the extra care he/she needs to thrive.

Study Skills

We will guide our students and assist them in developing the most effective studying approach to meet their individual needs.


We look at your child’s abilities, interests and experiences and assist them in clarifying their learning goals.


“I would highly recommend Top Tutors! Chandelle has been providing tutors for both of my boys, now aged 17 and 13, for the past 2 years.
The quality of tutoring is great, the caliber of tutors commendable – they have always made the boys feel relaxed and comfortable
while at the same time ensuring they remain focused on the work at hand.
Always diligent, always prompt and always prepared to accommodate changes where necessary…. Chandelle really runs a very professional business!”

- Wayne


My son was taken out of St Peters due to financial reasons. He was at home for over a month and then I decided to enroll him in Brain line Online Home schooling. He had fallen very behind and was really struggling. I contacted Top Tutors and they organised a tutor to came in everyday for 2 months to home school him. My son passed with flying colors thanks to Top Tutors. The tutor took Munya and in a short space of time managed to get him to achieve outstanding results. He couldn't do it on his own. Thank you so much. I hope other people can benefit from you like we did.

- Patience


I “found” Top Tutors last year whilst searching for a new tutor agency on the internet – my regular favoured agency was slow in returning calls and emails. One telephone conversation, a briefing over the phone and that was that! The CV’s came pouring in. Chandelle is probably the most efficient person I have ever worked with. When she says she will call you, she calls you. When she says she will email you, she emails you. And when she says she will send you CV’s and references, they arrive. Chandelle is always “on”. She works Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, day and night. I never feel like I am bothering her and I actually feel like I have made a friend in the process. I have hired two full time tutors through her and have just hired a housekeeper as well. Chandelle is quick, efficient, on top of her game and really takes her business very seriously. She aims to please. I have never felt like just a client with her or just a number. She is so personable. Not only have I recommended her to my friends but I will not think of looking anywhere else for an agency. She interviews all her candidates personally and checks them out thoroughly. I have been more than happy with the service I have received and I am sure you will be too.

- Julie


I highly recommend using Top Tutors/Au pairs for your families tutoring or au pairing needs.

Chandelle is great at understanding her clients' needs and recommending a suitable and skilled tutor or au pair.

I have contracted with one au pair and one tutor- a qualified teacher and have had excellent service. My daughter's grades have improved remarkably.

- Rosanne


I must say that I have been rather fortunate to have stumbled upon Chandelle Claasen from  "Top Tutors" while browsing the internet. Upon meeting her I found  her to be affable, professional and well articulated. It has been a year now since we have met and her illuminating intelligence never seizes to amaze me. She is kind and patient and has a high expectation for children. My son responds well to her calm and straightforward approach and looks forward to his sessions with her. His marks have improved remarkably in this year. I am certain that Chandelle is going to do great , creative and amazingly well in the near future.  I highly recommend her as a tutor as she is ineffably talented, caring, has high aptitude in all subjects and focused on her pursuits.  This quote reminds me of her:  " it is the creative art of a teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge "  Albert Einstein.

- Nadia

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Get help understanding math from Algebraic expressions to geometric formulas to derivatives.

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Science homework help is here. We’ll help you understand everything in bio, chem and physics.
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Give your child the upper edge with the strong growing future of technology.
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Brush up on writing, vocabulary, literature and more with our tutors who specialise in a variety of languages.
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Don’t let history repeat itself. Know your stuff before the next test with a social studies tutor.
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Accounting provides a theoretical and practical background for a career in commerce and business.
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